Next generation Metaverse NFT ecosystem platform for games, communities and creators.


What is Bixel?

Bixel is a virtual world platform and toolset that lets creators and communities create their own NFTs in a next generation metaverse.

  • Bixel

    Multi-blockchain virtual world that lets users collect, display, interact with NFTs in a shared space.

  • BixelBuild

    A next generation toolset that lets creators create multi media NFTs across different blockchains.

  • Bixel Launch

    Launch NFT collections, land sales, hero or weapon sale as well whole projects into the growing Bixel ecosystem.


  • Exnetwork Capital
  • Moonwhale
  • Dutch Crypto Investors
  • Skybridge20 Ventures
  • Chain Bridge Captital
  • J8 Ventures
  • Kangaroo Capital
  • Oracles Investment Group
  • Hoo
  • Spykefast
  • R-930 Capital
  • Almora Capital
  • PolkaBridge
  • Spikelet
  • Alves Ventures
  • FF Ventures
  • Netvrk
  • Enjinstarter
  • Axis Labs
  • Gate

Bixel Launch

Bixel Launch allows for Metaverse-themed projects and companies to fundraise. Bixel Launch sets new standards and methods for decentralized fundraising in a billion dollar market.

Bixel Launch allows companies to either fundraise either with native tokens or digitized items through NFTs, thus allowing for immediate liquidity instead of traditional equity investments or crowdfunding.



BixelBuild allows for content creators to easily create, customize, and convert artworks as non-fungible tokens.



Bixel’s main application allows for artists to easily issue their artwork as a NFT on the Solana blockchain. Users can easily browse through the NFTs to begin collecting the rare NFTs.



Bixel uses a custom built blockchain gateway to interact with different smart contracts to allow users a cross-chain issuance of NFTs.


Bixel Token

BIXEL token powers the Bixel platform economy. Users can use Bixel for governance, payments, mining, and farming.


  • Naree Kim

    Naree Kim


  • Olatunji Fash

    Olatunji Fash


  • Martina Mazzitelli

    Martina Mazzitelli

    Lead Artist


Q1 2023


Market Research

Q2 2023

Token Sale

BixelNFT Release

Bixel Web Release

Q3 2023

NFT-based Loan Launch

Bixel Build Alpha Launch

Staking Dashboard Release

Q4 2023

On-chain Voting Implementation

Bixel SDK Alpha Release

Q1 2024

Bixel VR Integration

Q2 2024

Bixel Release